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Brightstar Beads Closure

To all my customers,

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the forthcoming closure of Brightstar Beads. Due to Brexit my primary supplier stopped dealing with the UK, and finding another supplier with the same/similar stock at a good price, unfortunately didn’t work out. I did increase other product lines and made certain lines of beads more available. However, I just couldn’t make up for the loss of sales the business was experiencing elsewhere.

Setting up my own online business was always a daydream of mine, and when Brightstar Beads found its feet, that dream was realised. In the early days I never thought the business would last 1 year, let alone 6. So I am so proud of what I have achieved in that time.  
Brightstar Beads was a labour of love for me and I will miss it greatly. Thank you so much to all my customers over the years who have kept us going, and made all the hard-work worthwhile.
Thank you for all your support.






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