3 x 4mm

3x4mm rondelle beads. Sold in 30 units per packet.
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Rondelle Amethyst AB. 3x4mm

Rondelle Amethyst AB. 3x4mm£0.55

Rondelle Coated Blue. 3x4mm.

Rondelle Coated Blue. 3x4mm.£0.55

Rondelle Coated Gold. 3x4mm.

Rondelle Coated Gold. 3x4mm.£0.55   £55.00

Rondelle Coated Purple. 3x4mm.

Rondelle Coated Purple. 3x4mm.£0.55

Rondelle Coated Rainbow. 3x4mm.

Rondelle Coated Rainbow. 3x4mm.£0.55

Rondelle Coated Silver. 3x4mm.

Rondelle Coated Silver. 3x4mm.£0.55

Rondelle Crystal AB. 3x4mm

Rondelle Crystal AB. 3x4mm£0.55

Rondelle Crystal. 3x4mm.

Rondelle Crystal. 3x4mm.£0.55

Rondelle Green AB. 3x4mm.

Rondelle Green AB. 3x4mm.£0.55

Rondelle Opaque Cobalt AB - 3x4mm.

Rondelle Opaque Cobalt AB - 3x4mm.£0.55

Rondelle Opaque Violet AB. 3x4mm.

Rondelle Opaque Violet AB. 3x4mm.£0.55

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