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This Week's Top Picks

Brightstar Beads are always fascinated with the array of colours that Toho, Miyuki, and Czech beads come in. Here are some of our favourites.

Selected Products
Matubo Rivoli Capri Blue - 14mm.

Matubo Rivoli Capri Blue - 14mm.£0.95   £0.24

Matubo Rivoli Coral - 12mm.

Matubo Rivoli Coral - 12mm.£0.85   £0.22

Matubo Rivoli Dark Violet - 14mm.

Matubo Rivoli Dark Violet - 14mm.£0.95   £0.24

Matubo Rivoli Jet - 12mm.

Matubo Rivoli Jet - 12mm.£0.85   £0.22

Matubo Rivoli Light Mint - 14mm.

Matubo Rivoli Light Mint - 14mm.£0.95   £0.24

Matubo Rivoli Opaque Yellow -14mm.

Matubo Rivoli Opaque Yellow -14mm.£0.95   £0.24

Matubo Rivoli Pink Pearl - 14mm.

Matubo Rivoli Pink Pearl - 14mm.£0.95   £0.24

Matubo Rulla Crystal.

Matubo Rulla Crystal.£0.45   £0.12

Matubo Rulla Opaque Blue.

Matubo Rulla Opaque Blue.£0.45   £0.12

Matubo Rulla Opaque Red.

Matubo Rulla Opaque Red.£0.45   £0.12


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